About Todd Johnston-Designer

Todd has been a designer for most of his life and is a nationally renowned expert in the field of automotive concept design and a well known graphic designer. He specializes in translating the imagined concepts of his clients into fully realized works of art. Todd lives in the suburbs of Beaverton, Oregon.

Gayla Black, Office Manager

Gayla Black has been Todd Johnston's friend and is also his office manager. She ensures all aspects of Todd Design are running smoothly, including getting in touch with clients, setting up appearances at local and national hot rod and automotive shows, and more. Gayla lives in Beaverton, Oregon.

Todd Design Services

Todd Design is here to serve you and may be a great fit for all your design needs. His specialties include graphic design and illustration, 3D Modeling and design as well as airbrush painting. He also is an accomplished automotive concept artist and auto portrait specialist, with many cleints hiring Todd to do custom illustrations of their favorite Hot rod.

3d Design

Automotive Concept Design

Traditional Illustration(Pen and Ink)

Digital Illustration and manipulation


Automotive Portraiture

Logo Design

Graphic Design and layout